Whether you are in need of a heating and air conditioning system, repair services or preventative maintenance, our skilled technicians can handle the job.

What can we do?

Granger's is aware that each of our customers has unique needs. Whether your property is commercial or residential and you're interested in an installation, maintenance, repairs, special filtration, zoning, converting a wall heater to forced air or simply improving the air quality or lowering your monthly utility bills. We do it all.

  • We can convert your floor heater to a wall heater
  • We can convert your wall or floor heater to central heat and or air conditioning
  • We can replace your old duct system with new high efficient, metal insulated ducts
  • We can install a high efficient attic fan
  • We have our own attic insulating equipment
  • We have our own warehouse and sheet metal shop
  • We have our own electrician and can upgrade your old electrical panel

Granger's specializes in churches and church schools, with air conditioning and heating installed in over 300 sanctuaries in Southern California. 

Air conditioning a sanctuary is much different than a home or office building where they are occupied for long periods of time. The right design for a sanctuary will be very fast reacting. It must cool off or heat up fast and then everybody goes home. It must be designed with noise attenuation to be extremely quiet. 

At Granger's, we have cost effective methods to provide cooling into sanctuaries with large or small congregations.